SS2 Chauffage Diesel, 6L Boîte à outils portable Pro

$279.99 $229.99

Chauffage diesel avec performance de chauffage exceptionnelle, design portable unique, design portable, et commande intelligente bluetooth, fonctionne de manière stable même à haute altitude, ce qui en fait une solution de chauffage fiable pour différents environnements.

Prise: Bouchon UE

  • Plug
  • Bouche britannique
  • Bouchon UE
  • Bouchon AU

Convertisseur: Adaptateur AC 110V-240V et Bluetooth

  • Adaptateur AC 110V-240V et Bluetooth
Ne sera pas expédié avant [19041994]
$279.99 $229.99
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Chauffage diesel SS2, 6L Handheld Toolbox Pro All-in-One

Chauffage de l'espace automobile / intérieur, avec adaptateur AC-DC, commutation automatique, polyvalent pour une utilisation à domicile et en plein air. Plateau Motherboard, ajustement automatique du carburant en fonction de l'altitude du plateau, affichant une élévation.


Marque: Hcalory
Réservoir de carburant intégré: 6L
Alimentation nominale: 5 ~ 8KW
Tension nominale: 12V et 110-240V
Consommation de carburant: 0,1 litre - 0,35 litres / heure
Distance efficace à distance: 100 mètres
Température de travail du radiateur: -40 ~ + 50 ° C
Température de fonctionnement de la pompe à huile: -40 ~ + 40 ° C

Avantages et caractéristiques du produit:

1. Chauffage de l'espace automobile / intérieur: chauffage de l'espace en produisant de l'air chaud à travers la conversion de chaleur dans la chambre de combustion du radiateur;
2. DC12V, AC 100-240V Conversion automatique de tension universelle, peut être connecté à deux types de sources d'alimentation d'entrée: Adaptateur d'alimentation AC-DC / batterie d'électrode positive et négative;
3. Réglage de réglage de la température (commutation Celsius / Fahrenheit);
4. Fonction du commutateur de synchronisation: Démarrez et fermez en fonction de l'heure définie;
5. Plateau Mother Board: il peut régler automatiquement la sortie de carburant en fonction de l'altitude du plateau et afficher l'altitude
6. Smarter - Téléchargez l'application "Airheaterble", disponible pour les appareils iOS et Android, qui permet aux utilisateurs de contrôler à distance le radiateur via Bluetooth
7. Petite taille, économise d'espace, confortable à transporter, portable
8. Le réservoir de carburant intégré n'a pas d'odeur, et l'échelle du niveau d'huile est marquée, ce qui facilite la surveillance du niveau d'huile et le ravitaillement en temps opportun;
9. Aucune installation de tuyau d'entrée, filtre à air fixe en bas, facile à installer
10 10
11. La conception d'ouverture et de clôture de la boucle en métal est robuste et scellée, et le réservoir de carburant est complètement intégré pour empêcher l'odeur. Il est facile à ouvrir et pratique pour l'entretien et la réparation.
12. Démarrage automatique et arrêt (en mode automatique, lorsque la température intérieure atteint la température de réglage, il s'arrête automatiquement après un délai de 30 secondes; lorsque la température intérieure est de 2 ℃ en dessous de la température de réglage, il démarrera automatiquement après après un retard de 30 secondes)

Emballé inclus:

1 x chauffage diesel à air
1 x interrupteur LCD
1 x télécommande
1 x silencieux
1 x tuyau d'échappement
1 x adaptateur d'alimentation AC
1 x faisceau de câblage
1 x kit d'accessoires à vis
1 x manuel d'utilisation


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
A Powerful and Stylish Heating Solution for Small Spaces!

The SS2 Diesel Heater 5KW Diesel Heater has truly revolutionized heating in my small space. This all-in-one air diesel parking space heater is a powerhouse of comfort and convenience.

The first thing that struck me was its stylish design. It seamlessly fits into my small garage and adds a modern touch. The compact size is perfect for limited spaces, making it an ideal heating solution for a variety of environments.

Installation was surprisingly straightforward, even for someone like me with limited technical skills. The instructions were clear, and all necessary components were provided. Within no time, I had the heater up and running.

The remote control and LCD screen are a game-changer. They make it incredibly easy to adjust settings, set timers, and monitor the temperature without having to physically interact with the unit. This is especially handy on cold mornings when I can warm up my space from the comfort of my home.

The heating performance is outstanding. The 5KW capacity ensures that my garage reaches a comfortable temperature in no time. I've also been pleasantly surprised by how quietly it operates.

The timer feature is a standout. It allows me to set the heater to turn on before I plan to use the space, ensuring it's warm and ready when I need it. This not only saves energy but also adds a layer of convenience to my daily routine.

I appreciate the versatility of this heater. It's not just limited to a garage; it's suitable for a range of environments including homes, shops, campers, and trailers. This makes it a versatile investment for anyone in need of reliable heating.

In summary, the SS2 Diesel Heater is a game-changer for small spaces. Its stylish design, powerful performance, and convenient features have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of an efficient and versatile heating solution.

This is a nice heater.

It arrives in a box, ready to set up.
It comes with good directions that are easy to use and understand.

It seems to be made well.
The housing feels strong.
The remote seems sturdy.
The LCD feels durable.
It is easy to set up.
It is easy to adjust.
The noise level is bearable.
It seems to work efficiently.

We would probably buy this again.

Brandon M
Excellent product and support

I hooked this up to heat my roof top tent in the mountains while camping, I was surprised at the quality and how well it works.It burns very little fuel and pulls very little power, during startup it pulls about 100 watts (about 3 min) after startup it drops to 9-10 watts constant on low.

On low the outlet temp of the 8 tube is 187 @ 75 outdoor ambient temp. I am planning on making an adjustable vent in the heating duct to be able to lower the outlet temp some. This unit is overkill for the tent I have but my wife is cold 24/7. I couldnt be happier with this purchase.

christy haselton
Best heater

1st this heater is amazing. We purchased it to put in our 30f 5th wheel we stay in all winter in northern michigan. We have used about $30.00 in desiel fuel in a week, Michigan. We keep the inside temp at 73 to 75 f degrees( but its 25 f degrees ). Easy to assemble. Easy to hook up. Worth the money.
Now, I was skeptical but have been proven wrong and am 100% happy to be.

The warmth is unbelievable. I dont have to wear layers of socks and heavy slippers because the floor is warm now. Propane just kept it barable to stay in the 5th wheel but we had alot of condensation on the windows all the time. With in a few hours of running the HCALORY we had dry, clear windows and no moisture on the walls.
We were using 150lbs of propane a month or more and now are using 10gal of deisel fuel. Alot easier in the long run to just fill a gas can then load a 100lb propane tank, haul, fill, unload. Its not realy loud while running pretty much like a typical furnace. The fuel bump makes a pumping noise but the TV covers the noise. Let me just add that the HCALORY came with all the parts plus a few extra.

Hope this helps and enjoy your great heat source. 3months of running constantly day and night in 10 degrees f outside 75 f inside simply love this heater. update good for one year then crap has had fan malfunction and replace . Had to clean burner twice . And replace atomizer screen . As I can't find any warranty on it they seem to have a its your problem attitude. So if ya like to work on thing while freezing to death great buy.

Joseph R Talbot
Been running it 24/7 for over 2 months in my fish house

It works great, it works well for it's intended purpose. Ive been living full time in my rv/fish house, and have used this as my primary heat source for over 2 months, I haven't taken it apart to see how clean it has been burning, but so far it hasn't let me down and it uses about 1.2 gallons per day on average in northern MN so far this winter.

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Dispositif de chauffage

1. Fonction de contrôle de thermostat intelligent pour assurer votre température adaptée à l’hiver.

2. Universel 12V avec adaptateur AC-DC, commutation automatique, polyvalent pour une utilisation domestique et extérieure.

3.APP Contrôle Bluetooth pour la surveillance à distance et le fonctionnement de la machine.

4. Échappement latéral, aucun tuyau d’admission n’est nécessaire, empêchant les problèmes de colmatage.

5. Couvercle en métal à ouverture rapide pour un accès rapide, pas de vis à utiliser.


1. Conception portative intégrée combinée à une poignée ergonomique intégrée pour déplacer facilement l’appareil de chauffage n’importe où.

2. Compact et facile à installer, adapté à divers scénarios extérieurs et intérieurs.

3. Conception horizontale de la caisse à outils, légère et facile à transporter.

Contrôle intelligent

1. bluetooth control, easily control your heater with APP even through the wall.

2. Remote control with a 100-meter effective range.

3. Set your home's warmth via the LCD screen for chilly mornings and nights.

4. Auto-start & stop: Maintains set temperature with 30-second delays.

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SS2 Chauffage Diesel, 6L Boîte à outils portable Pro

$279.99 $229.99