HC-A02 Chauffage Diesel, Voix Portable Diffusée Tout en un

$199.99 $139.99

HC-A02 Chauffage Diesel LCD écran de commande, la distance de commande à distance est jusqu'à 100 mètres, 5-8KW puissance réglable pour répondre aux différents besoins.

Modèle: Hôte Rouge + Contrôle du Bouton bluetooth

  • Hôte Rouge + Contrôle du Bouton bluetooth
  • Hôte Gris + Button Télécommande
  • Hôte gris + Contrôle du bouton Bluetooth
  • Hôte Rouge + Bouton Télécommande
Ne sera pas expédié avant [19041994]
$199.99 $139.99
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Chauffage diesel HC-A02, voix portable diffusée tout en un

Chauffage de diesel HC-A02 adapté à tous les véhicules diesel universels 12V 24V, en combinant deux en un, économiser de l'espace et facile à déplacer


1. Convient pour tous les véhicules diesel universels 12V 24V; Il peut être utilisé pour le chauffage de la cabine de divers véhicules tels que les camions, les camionnettes, les voitures de batterie, etc., pour éliminer le gel des fenêtres;
2,5 à 8 kW ajusté pour répondre à différents besoins;
3. en combinant deux en un, économiser de l'espace et facile à déplacer;
4. Facile à installer et à démonter;
5. Produits environnementaux, faibles émissions, faible consommation de carburant;
6. La technologie de volatilisation, le carburant est chauffé et évaporé dans le gaz à travers la bougie d'allumage en céramique, l'allumage est rapide et la combustion est suffisante;
7. Écran de commande LCD, la distance de télécommande est jusqu'à 100 mètres.
8. Interrupteur à distance de l'application Bluetooth (facultatif).


Marque: Hcalory
Type: radiateur à air diesel
Couleur: gris foncé / rouge (facultatif)
Interrupteur: interrupteur de touche ordinaire / interrupteur Bluetooth
Matériau: plastique + look en fibre de carbone
Réservoir de carburant intégré: 5L
Alimentation nominale: 5 ~ 8KW
Tension nominale: 12V 24V universel
Consommation de carburant: 0,1 L à 0,35 L / heure
Distance efficace à distance: 100 mètres
Température de travail du radiateur: -40 ~ + 50 ° C
Température de fonctionnement de la pompe à huile: -40 ~ + 40 ° C

Emballé inclus:

1 x chauffage diesel à air
1 x télécommande
1 x silencieux
1 x filtre à air
1 x plaque fixe
1 x tuyau d'échappement
1 x tuyau d'air d'entrée
1 x tuyau d'air de sortie
1 kit d'accessoires à vis définit
1 x manuel d'utilisation

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Steven Worboys

I have been using this heater for a month now to prevent damp my garage ,it hasn’t missed a beat,I am using regular diesel .Everything is included straight out of box ,it was well packaged and delivered promptly.

Cindy Lowrie
Bought this unit to use on our boat

Not included was fiberglass tape for the exhaust I also installed an elbow at the outlet to keep rain water out of the exhaust.Overall I would absolutely buy this again.I had to extend the power cord and the controller cord to run them inside the boat. Easy job with some crimps and shrink wrap.

John McWilliams
Diesel heater

It's worked perfectly from the first day, really nice dry heat, and very economical

Interesting & Effective Diesel Heater, No Directions, Bluetooth Control, Simple App & Remote

Hcalory diesel heaters have been growing in popularity and for good reason. Theyre simple to operate, efficient, clean burning and put out a lot of heat! This one is advertised for and comes with directions to be installed in cars/trucks but it's likely more to be used in RVs, trailers, ATVs, tractors and for tent camping, ice fishing and heating small spaces like garages and sheds. Out of the box, this one came with a pile of pipes, clamps and screws as well as an owners manual. But the manual doesn't include assembly directions!Fortunately, online there are videos for a number of similar style heaters and people have posted assembly directions and that's what I used. Even so, a few components like the air filter and the exhaust pipe didnt fit. I had to cut 1 ? off the exhaust pipe so it would fit under the stove. To get the plastic air filter installed, I used a hose clamp to compress the edges of the filter small enough so it could fit inside the intake pipe. (see photo)The heater can be operated using a Bluetooth app, the control LED or a remote control. The remote requires a 23A battery which is not included in the kit. Additional heater settings are accessed by holding down the power button for longer than three seconds or by using the app.A few things youll want to know.1.) Dont buy this heater if you want something that's ready to go out of the box. Be prepared to cut some of the pipes/filters and to do some online research on how to use it.2.) You must have a 12V battery with sufficient amperage to get it up and running. I thought I could use my AC to DC converter, but it wasn't powerful enough.2.) Many people have recommended replacing the fuel line with stiffer tubing to protect it from collapsing under pressure and also transposing the fuel filter to a spot in front of the fuel pump, (to catch debris from the gas tank) instead of after it as it comes from the factory.3.) If you want to use the provided standing brackets, you may need to trim off about 1 ? off the pipe so it will fit under the heater.4.) The muffler gets very hot and needs to be vented outside. Aim the muffler downward and with the small weep hole pointed towards the ground in order to drain off water that is produced by combustion.5.) The air flows over the heat chamber so there is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning as long as the exhaust is properly attached and vented outdoors. Make sure the small intake air supply isn't place next to the exhaust pipe!6.) Make sure you don't disconnect the electrical connection for the heater after it's turned off as the fan runs for a time to cool the unit down.The heater has slits along the side of the case to show you the fuel level. Fuel consumption is low and though I haven't run it dry yet, 8-10 hours per gallon is reported. Without garage space, I'm forced to work on my cars outdoors and living in the North, it can get chilly. I plan to use the heater nearby and the heater fan's air output at 180 degrees should help to keep me toasty. So far, I've run it for several hours and it runs clean and hot with no diesel smell or smoke.I downloaded and used the "Airheater" app. You don't have to share your email or any personal information to use the app. It's simple and you can switch from "Level", meaning you have control over the heat output, to "Auto" meaning the heater will adjust the heat output based on the ambient temperature.Bottom Line: I gave it four stars because there are no directions, and it requires modifications to make it work. Once it's up and running, it worked great with a good heat output and simple operation. Download the app as they don't ask for any personal info and it gives you greater control of the heat output. Even though it runs on diesel which is now expensive as compared to gasoline, it runs cleanly for 8-10 hours depending on heat output on a single gallon. Make sure you understand how the heater operates before you buy it. It's not for everyone but if you have the ability to make some mods, it's a great heater.

Great diesel Heater

Great heater for my garage, Dont know how I managed before should have got one years ago.

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1. Large gamme d'utilisation: Convient pour tous les véhicules diesel universels 12V 24 V.

2. Réglable de l'alimentation de 5-8 kW pour répondre à différents besoins.

3. Technologie de volatilisation avancée, allumage rapide et combustion complète.

4. Produits environnementaux, faibles émissions, faible consommation de carburant.

Chauffage diesel

1. Conception conviviale, paramètre auto-démarrant.

2. Écran de commande LCD, la distance de télécommande est jusqu'à 100 mètres.

3. Conception intelligente, commutateur à distance de l'application Bluetooth (facultatif).

4. En combinant deux en un, économiser de l'espace et facile à déplacer.

5. Facile à installer et à démonter.

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HC-A02 Chauffage Diesel, Voix Portable Diffusée Tout en un

Hôte Rouge + Contrôle du Bouton bluetooth
Hôte Rouge + Contrôle du Bouton bluetooth
$199.99 $139.99