F86 Frigo Voiture, Refroidisseur de Compresseur Électrique


By using it, you can carry food and drinks on the road and keep them cold and refrigerated, this personal refrigerator is designed to be mounted on the front console or on the front or rear seats of the vehicle, ideal for road trips or people with large People who are in the car part of the time.

Modèle: 15L Utilisation du Véhicule Pur

  • 15L Utilisation du Véhicule Pur
  • 20L Véhicule Utilisation à Domicile
  • 30L Véhicule Utilisation à Domicile
Ne sera pas expédié avant [19041994]

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
I love this

I love this little fridge. Ive used it on outings and am using it in my camper van. When my fridge in the house when out, I was able to pull this from the van into the house to keep the meat frozen. I lowered the temp to zero degrees and it kept the meat frozen the entire 4 days until repairman came out to fix the house fridge. I was so glad to have it. I did not notice an increase on my electric bill at all, even though the big fridge was still running too. I was not disappointed with this item.

My daughter loves her new chair

Sometimes the temperature fluctuates. I have it set to 4c, and will sometimes have a little bit of ice in by beer! Not that I'm complaining, though. It's somewhat annoying when the veggies freeze.

Otherwise, this unit is very quiet (especially in the cabinet I have mine in), and does a good job keeping stuff cool while sipping power. I've had it a year now, and it's been beaten endlessly upon logging roads where I'm not too concerned about having to replace parts on my old van. I always get to the campsite with fresh food and cold brews.

Would highly recommend!

Great product

This is a really good product, it also has an app so you can check temperature on your phone especially when its all the way at the back of an suv or trunk. We used it when we travelled 7 hours to a cottage, put some frozen things in it and it all arrived perfect then we stored beer in it during our cottage stay. It works great, perfect size and easy to handle.

This thing is badass!

Does exactly what it says. It is a sweet little cooler with a lot of features. It has kept everything in the cooler within a couple degrees of the setting. I set it to 45 and I had Frosty beers. It has an Eco setting and a battery setting. I've had it in my truck running non-stop for a week and my battery was never even close to dead. I have it on eco and the medium battery setting. Do yourself a favor and stop buying ice for a cooler in your vehicle.

GB Shopper
Great Product

I am surprised how well this refrig. works / it only takes less than 15min. to get to freezing point. I have had it for months now and only hope that it lasts for years - I am keeping my fingers crossed

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1. F86 Portable Refrigerator is an exceptional refrigeration solution designed for individuals on the go.

2. Thanks to a powerful compressor, this portable fridge can cool down from 25°C to 0°C in just 25 minutes, making it one of the fastest-cooling refrigerators on the market.

3. A power-off heat preservation function that allows the refrigerator to maintain a temperature range of -18°C to 0°C for up to 2 hours, even when disconnected from a power source. This feature is particularly useful when traveling to remote locations where power is not available.


1. The refrigerator is made of environmentally friendly ABS+PP material, which is pollution-free, low noise, long-lasting, and energy-efficient.

2. Stay safe and energy-efficient with built-in voltage protection that automatically cuts off the connection if the voltage is too low, preventing the battery from running out. With maximum power of 45W, it provides high performance and 30% energy savings.

3. Control the refrigerator easily with both button controls and a Bluetooth APP method for remote control from your smartphone.

4. With various options for internal capacity, this refrigerator is ideal for carrying food and drinks on the go and keeping them fresh at different temperatures, including drinks, fruit, ice cream, and more. Designed to be mounted on the front console or front or rear seats of a vehicle, it's perfect for road trips or anyone who spends a lot of time in the car.


Color: Black+White
Material: ABS+PP
Household charging: AC110-240V wide voltage (optional)
Car charger: DC12/24V universal
Power consumption: 45W
Capacity: 15L
Temperature range: - 20 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ / - 4 ℉ ~ 68 ℉
Battery protection: with voltage protection
APP Bluetooth control: optional
Noise: 45dB
Control panel: LCD panel
Weight: 11/12/13.6/15/15.5/16.5Kg


1* Car refrigerator
1* AC Adapter
1* DC power cord
1* User Manual

15L: 570*320*260mm/22.44*12.60*10.24inch
20L: 570*320*320mm/22.44*12.60*12.60inch
25L: 575*365*300mm/26.64*14.37*11.81inch
30L: 575*365*350mm/26.64*14.37*13.78inch
40L: 575*365*420mm/26.64*14.37*16.54inch
50L: 575*365*390mm/26.64*14.37*15.35inch

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