T01 Автономные отопители, Автоматическое Управление 12В

$179.99 $139.99

переключатель дистанционного управления ЛКД голоса дизельного подогревателя воздуха 8КВ умный для трейлера РВ

Модель: 12 В+5-8 кВт+черный пластик+черный ЖК-дисплей

  • 12 В+5-8 кВт+черный пластик+черный ЖК-дисплей
  • 12 В+2 кВт+черный пластик+синий ЖК -дисплей
  • 12 В+5-8 кВт+черный пластик+синий ЖК-дисплей
  • 12 В+5-8 кВт+белый алюминиевый сплав+черный ЖК-дисплей
  • 12 В+5-8 кВт+черный пластик+черный ЖК-дисплей+голос
  • 24 В+5-8 кВт+черный пластик+черный ЖК-дисплей
Не будет отправлять до тех пор, пока [19041994]
$179.99 $139.99


Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
bob amos
Crank up the heat!!

Winter is just around the corner and nothing feels better than a nice warm and dry location. These diesel heaters deliver just that. We have been using one for the last couple years and love it. We decided to add another to our trailer that was not permenently installed. The one we presently have is a great "all in one" unit that needed to be connected every time that we use it. With this product we have here, we can install and use it when needed and do not have to reinstall it every time. It is ready on demand.Once installed and operating it gives a very warm and dry environment. You just dial in the temp that you are seeking and the unit will do all it can to control that temperature. Now understand that they are not like house units where the temp range is very controled. These get you close at best. Generally, that is good enough. It has always been fine for us.Operation is easy but there are a few things that you will need to do in order to keep it "healthy" and working for you. Rather than try to cover them here I suggest that you search the internet for videos on this. There are an unlimited number available.Installation is one thing that is not included in the provided manual. The manual has the absolute best instruction on the use of the various controlers though. So, the best way to learn is, again, searching the net for videos on how it is done. Many people have uploaded videos that are extreemly helpful.Includes just about everything needed to install the unit and put it into service. The unit itself, the air tubes and fittings. The exhaust and silencer. The fuel tank and hoses for the unit. (The hose included is a soft green hose that some say is not the best to use. So far it is just fine for my install.) The fuel pump is also included and it does make a lot of noise, but they all make noise. It is a "tick, tick, tick" noise that can drive you nutz at night. A digital controler and wire harness plus the remote control with battery. The remote is cool because you can turn the unit on while sitting outside around the fire and the camper or tent will be very warm when you enter.But... this can be used almost any place that needs some heat. Cabin, shed, workshop, etc, etc, etc...Bottom line... This is a sweet and cost effective way to stay warm and cozy during the cold weather days and nights. By the way, it runs on diesel fuel and just sip the fuel and one tank full lasts for up to 3 days and more.

Alex B.
Perfect Heater

The Good:
- Heat Output is fantastic, especially for small spaces
- Efficient. On just a couple bucks of diesel a day, I'm going to be able to survive the Michigan winter. While I'd love to travel full time around the country to stay in the 70-degree weather, I'm stuck more in 1 place (for good and bad).
- Tons of videos!! Lots of videos on installation, tips, and tricks. It does make up for lack of instructions.
- Diesel is safe! Though some are worried, it's safe to have in the cabin of your vehicle.

Nayra Jimenez

֧ҧѧ came, delivery to door super fast, took two pieces, installation difficulty is not see, definitely take


Thank you very much, the heater arrived on time and in full completeness, after installation I will add a review.


Everything is fine. Packing is also excellent, everything is in different boxes. I did. It worked the first time

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Мощность обогрева: 8КВТ
Топливо: дизельное топливо
Тип кондиционера автомобиля: отопление
Номинальное напряжение: 12В
Расход топлива (л/ч): 0,64
Температура нагревателя: -40 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Рабочая Температура Масляного Насоса: -40 ° С ~ 40 ° С
Размер Статьи: 38 * 13,5 * 13,5 см/15,0 * 5,3 * 5,3дюйм
Внутренний диаметр выпускной трубы: 70мм
Корпус: Пластик


1 x Автомобильный обогреватель
1 x ЖК-цифровой выключатель
1 x Дистанционное управление
1 х глушитель
1 масляный насос
1 топливный бак
1 x Ветровая головка
1 x Воздушный фильтр
1 x масляный фильтр
1 х Tee разъем
1 x Фиксированная пластина
1 x Выхлопная труба
1 x воздуховод для впуска
1 x Выпускной воздушный трубопровод
1 х Жгут
1 комплект аксессуаров для винтов
1 х Труба
1 x Зажим масляного насоса
1 x Руководство пользователя

Воскресенье понедельник вторник среда четверг пятница суббота
Январь, февраль, март, апрель, май, июнь, июль, август, сентябрь, октябрь, ноябрь, декабрь
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T01 Автономные отопители, Автоматическое Управление 12В

12 В+5-8 кВт+черный пластик+черный ЖК-дисплей
12 В+5-8 кВт+черный пластик+черный ЖК-дисплей
$179.99 $139.99