M98 Автономный Отопитель Дизельный, Регулируемая Мощность 12 В, Все В Одном

$179.99 $99.99

Дизельный однопористый жидкокристаллический дисплей Стоп - обогреватель, для автомобилей, грузовиков, автобусов, лодок, RV воздушный нагреватель 1 - 8KW 12V

Модель: 5-8 кВт трапециевидной ЖК-дисплеев с одним отверстием

  • 5-8 кВт трапециевидной ЖК-дисплеев с одним отверстием
  • 5-8 кВт одно отверстие старое ЖК-дисплей
  • 5-8 кВт одно отверстие золото ЖК-дисплей
  • 5-8 кВт одно отверстие двойное жидкокристалл
  • 5-8 кВт одно отверстие синее ЖК-дисплей
  • 5-8 кВт одно отверстие красное пульт дистанционного управления
Не будет отправлять до тех пор, пока [19041994]
$179.99 $99.99

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Robert Crichton
Hcalory diesel heater

Excellent product. Quick delivery. Easy to set up and use. Loads of heat, sips fuel and burns clean. Would recommend

William Keller
Love it...working awesome 👌

Love this heater in my bus ...keeping us warm this Indiana winter

Ethan Stallings
Heater Kicks Butt

This little machine for the unbelievable price has gotten me through some cold nights. Easy start up and setup not a single issue yet..don't forget to prime your pump and have a backup power source.
For the price this thing is miraculous, and worth the bill. If you're using propane, switch up now and you'll never go back.

Matthew Backus
Puts out a ton of heat!

This heater puts out a ton of heat on high and can be adjusted to way low settings as wellBurns about 1 gallon a diesel for 24 hours on low and 1 gallon of diesel on high for 10 hours.A little difficult to set up since the feet are a little too short and the exhaust pipe doesn't want to bend in a full 90 so you have to force it. But once you get it the way you like it it's perfect.Comes with a remote, but be forwarned the directions aren't great (look up videos on YouTube to better understand how to operate this)All in all it keeps you warm in a small room or tent or camper. !

Heater works well

Overall the diesel heater works pretty well. Filling it with diesel and getting it started on a test bench on saw horses out in the driveway was simple enough. It really can put out some serious heat!I've added several pics and a video of the machine running on my slapped together test bench. The LCD's look wonky in the pics and vid because of how they work vs how cameras work but there is nothing actually wrong with them in person.The manual is configured to TRY to describe a number of different styles and LCD/Remote options. In doing it this way I doubt it actually describes ANY of them very well! The LCD screen and remote that this unit comes with is barely covered in the manual. The pic of what is where (e.g. exhaust vs. intake) is tiny and hard to understand. In short, the manual is barely useful.The fresh air intake is the one closest to the diesel fuel line, and the combustion exhaust is the other one (as it should be) further away. It would be a lot easier if they used a slightly different size or style of pipe for exhaust vs. intake (it would be bad to get them confused!).I spent the better part of an hour reading instructions for all of the units and trying things trying to figure out how to get the remote to connect to the heater unit! I'll save you the trouble, it's actually pretty simple once you figure it out:Start with the unit completely off.Press the RIGHT arrow on the blue LCD control attached to the unit and hold it until "HFA-" appears.Now press BOTH the power button and the little gear looking button on the remote at the same time. It should pair up and work now.Once paired the remote works fine and shows you what's going on with the heater and allows you to turn the goal temperature up or down.Controls for the heater, whether on the unit or VIA remote, are pretty simple. All I can really make it do is make it get hotter, or not as hot. It's basically a goal temp in degrees Celsius that you can make go up or down. That makes the heater put out more or less heat. Fan speed appears to be tied to the logic board and not able to be futzed with separately (a shame... I'd like to be able to set a constant fan speed). You can set a timer too and some other stuff but good luck trying to decipher how in the manual!Temp appears to ONLY function in Celsius but it's not a big deal. You push the button and the number goes up, heater puts out more heat, and vice versa. It could as easily be expressed in degrees of acorns for all it really matters. I'll just set it in the middle-ish and go up or down from there as needed based on whether I feel cold, hot, or comfortable!The diesel pump is clicky, but the overall unit is not very loud. Fans make noise in general so when it's really going it does sound a bit jet-engine-ish but it's hard to move air silently.Since the combustion is totally separate from the heating air and heats only through a metal exchanger, no real odor is in the heated air. This should be a pretty safe arrangement, though a CO monitor of some kind is probably wise.The casing does not get significantly hot to the touch. The exhaust tube of course gets VERY hot and you would need to take care during any installation to keep it away from anything that it could catch on fire.Inside the metal case the actual heater core is its own separate component from the tank, control, and pump with its own casing. In theory one could remove the components from the casement and do a permanent installation like some of the stand-alone options that can also be found on Amazon. That kind of defeats the suitcase all in one design but it seems it would be an option. While the suitcase style implies portability, and it does have some portability, you'll have to figure out intake air and exhaust venting strategy for each location. In my mind this makes it "semi-portable" as throwing together something on the fly to route the exhaust outside without catching whatever the exhaust tube is passing through on fire would take some fiddling.I originally wanted this unit thinking I'd use it to heat my classic VW beetle. It would do that but I am starting to think it would be overkill. This thing puts out a LOT of heat and I don't want to run it on low constantly. I think I might see if I can get a smaller unit for that car. I'm still happy to have this though as I think I'll be using it to heat my small garage over the winter when I'm working on something in there.All in all this is a useful little thing to have and I'm glad I have one! If it cost a lot more I'd rate it more harshly for some of the minor nuisances, but it doesn't cost a ton. At the price point, it's a nice workable little diesel fueled heater and I'm happy about it.

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M98 Дизельный обогреватель регулируемая мощность 12V все в одном.
Новый воздушный обогреватель является вторым поколением модернизированных продуктов, самолет для поддержания первоначального экономичного и экономичного потепления на основе характеристик увеличения функций дистанционного управления, чтобы сделать операцию управления более простой и удобной. Для увеличения фиксированного кронштейна баланс вращения лопасти вентилятора более стабилен, уменьшая шум.
Простота установки, экономичность и удобство. Может использоваться в качестве размораживания оконного стекла, а также для кабины, студии, кабины теплоизоляционных услуг.


Смогите быть отрегулировано сила от 5КВ к 8КВ, соотвествуйте различные.
Может использоваться на больших высотах, 4500 метров над уровнем моря.
Дистанционное управление нагревателем может быть подключено к выключателю.
Все в одном устройстве, экономя пространство и легко перемещаться. Легко установить и удалить.
Подогреватель может быть применен для отопления кабины грузовых транспортных средств, фургонов, автомобилей с аккумуляторной батареей и всех видов других транспортных средств.
Может устранить окно замерзания.
Экологически чистый продукт, низкий уровень выбросов, низкое потребление топлива; выхлопные газы нагревателя для удовлетворения требований к выбросам двигателя евро IV.
Волатильная технология, с помощью керамического свечи зажигания будет нагрев топлива испаряться в газ, быстрое воспламенение, полное сгорание.
Использование передовых технологий автоматического управления, с надежными ненормальными условиями эксплуатации.
Топливо, электричество и температура могут быть установлены произвольно.


Материал: Металл + пластик
Цвет: красный + черный
Размер: 41X15.5X42cm / 16.2X6.1X16.5 "
Напряжение: 12V
Мощность: 5-8KW
Емкость топливного бака: 5L
Расход топлива: 0,1 - 0,53 л/ч
Топливо: дизельное
Полная скорость сгорания: 100%
Расход топлива: 0,1 литра масла в час
Рабочая температура нагревателя: -40°C~+50°C
Рабочая температура масляного насоса: -40°C~+40°C
Дистанционное управление Эффективное расстояние: 100 метров


1 х Воздушный обогреватель с ЖК-дисплеем
1 x ЖК-ключ Переключатель
1 х Впускная труба
1 х воздухоотводная труба
1 x Выхлопная труба
1 x Воздушный фильтр
6 x Комплект аксессуаров для соединения и фиксации масляных труб
1 x Инструкции

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M98 Автономный Отопитель Дизельный, Регулируемая Мощность 12 В, Все В Одном

5-8 кВт трапециевидной ЖК-дисплеев с одним отверстием
5-8 кВт трапециевидной ЖК-дисплеев с одним отверстием
$179.99 $99.99