HC-A02 Standheizung, Tragbare Sprachsendung Alles in Einem

$189.99 $139.99

HC-A02 Standheizung LCD-Steuerbildschirm, die Fernbedienungsentfernung beträgt bis zu 100 Meter, 5-8 kW Leistung einstellbar, um unterschiedliche Anforderungen zu erfüllen.

Modell: Roter Wirt + Taste Fernbedienung

  • Roter Wirt + Taste Fernbedienung
  • Grauer Wirt + Taste Fernbedienung
  • Grauer Wirt + bluetooth Knopfsteuerung
  • Roter Wirt + bluetooth Knopfsteuerung
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$189.99 $139.99



1. Breite Anwendungsbereich: Geeignet für alle 12 V 24 V Universal Dieselfahrzeuge.

2. 5-8 kW Strom einstellbar, um unterschiedliche Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen.

3. Fortgeschrittene Volatilisierungstechnologie, schnelle Zündung und vollständige Verbrennung.

4. Umweltprodukte, niedrige Emissionen, niedriger Kraftstoffverbrauch.


1. Benutzerfreundliches Design, Selbststarteinstellung.

2. LCD -Steuerbildschirm, der Fernbedienungsabstand beträgt bis zu 100 Meter.

3. Smart Design, Bluetooth App Remote Switch (optional).

4. Zwei zu einem kombinieren, Platz sparen und leicht zu bewegen.

5. Einfach zu installieren und zu zerlegen.


HC-A02 Dieselheizung, Tragbare Sprachsendung Alles in einem

HC-A02 Dieselheizung geeignet für alle 12V 24V Universal-Dieselfahrzeuge, kombiniert zwei zu einem, spart Platz und ist leicht zu bewegen


1. Geeignet für alle 12V 24V Universal-Dieselfahrzeuge; Es kann zur Kabinenheizung verschiedener Fahrzeuge wie LKW, Transporter, Batterieautos usw. verwendet werden., um Fensterfrost zu beseitigen;
2,5-8 kW Leistung einstellbar für unterschiedliche Anforderungen;
3. Zwei zu einem kombinieren, platzsparend und leicht zu bewegen;
4. Einfach zu installieren und zu demontieren;
5. Umweltfreundliche Produkte, geringe Emissionen, geringer Kraftstoffverbrauch;
6. Die Verflüchtigungstechnologie, der Kraftstoff wird erhitzt und durch die Keramikzündkerze zu Gas verdampft, die Zündung ist schnell und die Verbrennung ist ausreichend;
7.LCD-Kontrollbildschirm, die Fernbedienungsentfernung beträgt bis zu 100 Meter.
8. Bluetooth-App-Fernschalter (optional).


Marke: Hkalorie
Typ: Luftdieselheizung
Farbe: Dunkelgrau / Rot (Optional)
Schalter: Gewöhnlicher Schlüsselschalter / Knopf Bluetooth-Schalter
Material: Kunststoff + Kohlefaser-Look
Eingebauter Kraftstofftank: 5L
Nennleistung: 5 ~ 8KW
Nennspannung: 12V 24V Universal
Kraftstoffverbrauch: 0,1 L- 0,35 L / Stunde
Fernbedienung effektive entfernung: 100 meter
Heizkörper arbeitstemperatur:-40 ~ + 50 ° C
Betriebstemperatur der Ölpumpe: -40 ~ + 40 ° C

Verpackt enthalten:

1 x Luftdieselheizung
1 x Fernbedienung
1 x Schalldämpfer
1 x Luftfilter
1 x Feste Platte
1 x Auspuffrohr
1 x Zuluftleitung
1 x Auslassluftleitung
1 satz Schrauben-Zubehör-Kit
1 x Benutzerhandbuch

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
J Hill
HC-A02 all in one diesel heater w/button voice controller

Really like the unit. I have a few issues that need improving....
1) Slow fuel leak at hose connection at bottom of filter....needs clamps added at all connections
2) Can't figure out how to set temperature display celcius to fahrenheit for USA folks
3) outlet heat vent smells of hot plastic in highest heat settings. Great Value, performance, and quality for money
4) a redesigned owners manual written in clear to understand english would really be a benefit to USA buyers

Kevin R
Diesel Heater - With Remote Control

This is a very good heater. It puts out a really nice heat flow of air, very nice.
I will be using mine in the garage on cold days working working on my car.
It comes with a remote control to change heating temperature, and to turn on and off.

It was hard to understand how to install it, but a friend of mine has one and he set it up for me within 10 minutes.

This would also be great for camping so maybe this winter I will give it a try.
A great product and I give it a FIVE STAR.

C. Jameson
Decent Diesel Heater, Good Performance, 8kW Doubtful

These are best purchased by either someone that has experience with one or knows someone who does. They're not horribly difficult to setup but experience really helps. If this is your first time with one, I suggest searching for some on-line videos and really educate yourself on how to set one up, operate and maintain it.

The reason I suggest that is because there are no real "installation" instructions included that explain how to set it up, how the unit works (aside from the controls) and how to maintain or service it. There are also some very important things you should know - for example, it's crucial that these don't lose power as they need a "cooldown" period when you shut them off. The blower needs to run a brief period of time to cool the heating chamber else you can damage the unit.

This is a pretty standard design, but both the quality of components and features on this model are good for the price. I personally prefer the models in a cabinet like this one. It's more versatile when it comes to installation, especially if you plan to use it to heat a small structure like a shed, garage, etc, rather than a vehicle.

It's not terribly noisy, though the clicking of the fuel pump can be annoying. It's actually not as bad as some units I've seen but it can still get on some people's nerves to hear a constant "tick, tick, tick".

This is rated "5kW to 8kW". However, in my experience, the actual heating unit inside the cabinet appears to be a standard 5kW unit. Furthermore, output is going to be proportional to fuel consumption - you can only get so much heat per unit of fuel. If you look at their fuel consumption chart, it stops at 0.43 litres per hour, which is generally what 5kW units use. It's common in the industry for the 5kW units to be advertised as higher output than they can actually achieve so I'm going to expect the same is true here.

That said, this does put out very good heat. You will have no problems heating a van, small shed or small camper. Anything up to around 160 sq ft. You may even be able to heat a small garage to a comfortable temperature in the winter depending on your climate. It may not be enough for a garage in International Falls, Minnesota in January but might keep up in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This kit pretty much includes everything you'll need aside from fuel. Some nice features for this unit include a timer and a remote, so you can set run duration and/or turn it on/off and change the temperature remotely.

I should note that the video they show in the product description shows bluetooth capability, so you can control the unit from your smartphone, but this unit does not have that capability. I imagine the video is just a promotion of their products in general and that higher end units have this ability.

The outlet pipe on my unit had some nasty indentations in it when it arrived which seems to be from how it's packaged and not due to shipping. It's only cosmetic, it's probably shorter than what most people will need and therefore they'll likely buy a longer one anyway, and I don't really need the extra hose for my purposes, so it doesn't matter too much. But it really shouldn't happen. Everything else inside the box was fine.

Overall, I'm happy with this order. I ordered this to heat a small work shed in the winter (just to take the chill out of the air) and as an emergency backup heat source should some catastrophe occur that I lose heat in my home. I could at least heat a small area of the house until heat was restored. I plan on making some fittings that will allow me to get air intake and output exhaust through a window and a quick connect to a 200Ah battery I also have for emergency use.

No more freezing nights camping

This heater works like a dream. No more cold nigh, only struggle will be leaving your tent in the morning to venture back into the cold.

Affordable trailer heat

I have installed this on my snowmobile trailer. It was easy to hook up and keep it nice and warm inside. Great way to add heat affordability!

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HC-A02 Standheizung, Tragbare Sprachsendung Alles in Einem

Roter Wirt + Taste Fernbedienung
Roter Wirt + Taste Fernbedienung
$189.99 $139.99