Hcalory Launches Portable Smart Diesel Heaters,Bringing A Warm Winter To Everyone

September 25th, 2023 

Hcalory introduces a series of portable smart diesel heaters. It consists of 3 models, including HC-A01, HC-A02, HC-A03, and HC-A04, all of which are designed for a winter warm experience. HC-A02 is now available from Amazon\Ebay\Walmart\Hcalory Official Store\Hcalory AliExpress official store at Hcalory official 

Hcalory Portable Smart Diesel Heaters have a built-in bluetooth function, which can be controlled by a mobile phone for more convenient operation. Hcalory has tested the heaters thoroughly, aiming to offer a safer and more efficient product experience. 


Introducing the Hcalory HC-A02 Portable Smart Diesel Heaters


How Does Hcalory HC-A02 Portable Smart Diesel Heaters Work?

The diesel heater works by sucking air through the intake pipe. The air is then passed through the combustion pipe, where the ignition process will heat the air. The heated air is ultimately passed out from the external pipe into the heating space, giving the desired temperature.


What are the features of Hcalory HC-A02 Portable Smart Diesel Heaters?

1. Intelligent temperature control

After the bluetooth connection between the mobile phone and the heater is successful, use the mobile phone to set the temperature to 26°C. When the ambient temperature reaches 26°C, the heater will automatically shut down within 30 seconds; if the ambient temperature drops to 24°C, the heater will automatically shut down and restart after 30 seconds to restore the ambient temperature to 26°C to ensure that the ambient temperature is balanced.

2. Two temperature adjustment modes

There are two ways to control the temperature through the screen of the mobile phone. The first one is through gear adjustment, a total of 1 to 10 gears can be adjusted; the other is through temperature adjustment, the range of 8-36℃ can be selected

3. Fault code display and operation instructions

When most of the machines without Bluetooth function on the market fail, many people do not know how to solve it, ask customer service, or find the manual, which is quite troublesome. However, when the machine of hcalory fails, the fault code and operation prompt will appear on the mobile phone, and the problem will be easily solved by following the prompt operation.

4. Voice broadcast

Hcalory's machine also has a voice broadcast function, which can be selected in three languages (Chinese, English, and Russian). When operating the machine from a distance, through the voice broadcast, it's easily to know whether the operation is successful or not.

5.Portable and easy to operate

Hcalory portable smart diesel heaters have innovative designs. The HC-A01 shell is a toolbox, which is easy to disassemble and use. The HC-A02 has a foot pad design for easy installation.


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