Are Diesel Heaters Safe?


When taking a trip up north or planning to camp at your favorite national park, the weather could become challenging and you might struggle with staying warm and cozy out there. It could also become a problem if you’re going during peak winters and taking your pets along as well.

Apart from packing all those coats and sweaters, you could keep your car or camp warm with a diesel heater. Diesel heaters are becoming hugely popular among motorists and campers who like to stay away from city life in cold weather.

If you’re wondering what actually is a diesel heater, are diesel heaters safe, can you use them indoors as well, and how do they compare to LPG heaters? We have got all the answers for you, so go through this comprehensive guide to know more about diesel heaters.

What Is a Diesel Heater?


A diesel heater is essentially a heating device that uses diesel as fuel to generate heat and provide a warm environment. Like a diesel engine, diesel heaters burn the air/fuel mixture to produce heat and these are available in different sizes and categories. It has a small working unit, an intake, a silencer, an exhaust, and a control unit for regulation and settings.

You could get portable, domestic, or commercial diesel heaters based on your requirement and they are a great source of keeping a certain area warm, without any serious hazards or other problems.

How Does a Diesel Heater Work?


A diesel heater has a small mechanical unit that works almost similar to a diesel engine, as it uses an air/fuel mixture to operate.

1.When the heater is switched on, the air is taken in via an air intake and mixed with diesel contained in the tank.

2.It is then sent to the engine (working unit) for combustion after mixing.

3.Heat is generated as a result which is directed via an outlet into the required space.

4.Exhaust gases and other byproducts are emitted via the exhaust on the outside.

5.Heat generation and power output can also be regulated via the main control unit.

Are Diesel Heaters Safe?


Are you concerned about your family’s safety and your well-being with a diesel heater running in the background? You can take our word for it and rely on it as a safe and dependable way of heating your camp or RV.

Contrary to the belief, diesel heaters are quite safe and do not pose any serious threat, given that it is maintained properly and set up according to manufacturer guidelines. Most diesel heaters come with multiple safety features, such as the Auto Turn-off, low oil warning, overheat prevention, and other fail-safe mechanisms to keep you and your possessions safe in case of a problem.

The fumes and other gases produced by the diesel heaters are also quite minimal and get emitted on the outside via the exhaust. You don’t even have to keep the diesel heater near you as most of these can be set up outside and heat directed inside via a hose or pipe. Unlike LPG heaters, there is no problem of gas leakage or explosion issues, and you can feel safe in the presence of a diesel heater running to keep you warm on your winter camping trip.

Are diesel heaters safer than LP gas heaters?


Diesel heaters are inherently much safer than LP gas heaters and are easier to use as well. Apart from emitting some fumes and propensity for overheating, diesel heaters are quite safe and have different safety mechanisms as well.

LP gas heaters on the other hand cannot be relied on for safety. There is this problem of gas leakage from the tank which not only is unsafe for human consumption but also poses a risk of explosion due to spark or overheating. LP gas tanks are tough to handle and have to be carried as a separate unit, rather than being installed inside the main unit. Additionally, the gases produced by the burning of LP gas are much more harmful than diesel emissions and can prove fatal even.

Are Diesel Heaters Safe Indoors?


Diesel heaters can be safely used indoors and in enclosed spaces like camps and vans, given there is optimal ventilation. The risk of leakage, fire hazard, or suffocation is quite minimal with diesel heaters and they are rapidly becoming a hot choice among campers and travelers.

The newer types of portable diesel heaters are designed as such, they can be placed outside the room or camp, and heat be directed inside via a hose. So exhaust gases are emitted outside and if there is any leakage or spark, the damage can be averted or minimized. With adequate ventilation, you can totally rely on diesel haters for heating purposes in your rooms and camps.

Pros of diesel heaters


Let’s understand what makes diesel heaters so popular and what are some of the pros of diesel heaters;

1. Superior heating performance


Diesel heaters have higher efficiency and output than any other heater on the market, and if it is maintained properly, they can go on to serve you for years with the same superb performance as the day one. The heat generated and maintenance of room temperature by diesel heaters are excellent, and in BTUs, there are fewer other options that come close.

2. Excellent safety features


To ensure your safety, diesel heaters come loaded with different safety features, such as Auto Turn-Off, Low Oil Warning, Overheat Warning, and Power Cut Off in case of fire hazard. This prevents any unforeseen event and keeps you and your loved ones safe.

3. Temperature control


You can also regulate the temperature using settings at the main control unit or remote that comes with the diesel heater, not limiting its usage to freezing temperatures only.

4. Easy to install


The setup and installation of a diesel heater are very easy, especially if it’s a portable one. Simply find a good spot for it to place, preferentially outside, and fill the gas tank. Then attach the hose to the outlet and place it inside your room or vehicle. Check the oil level, intake filter, and exhaust for any clogging and if found clear, turn on the heater. Set the temperature according to your mood and have yourself a serene evening.

5. Quiet operation


Diesel motors can be quite gruesome when running but you don’t have to worry about diesel heaters. Modern diesel heaters come fitted with a silencer and don’t vibrate like crazy, even if you’re talking next to one or trying to sleep, you won’t have to get those noise cancellation headphones. This whisper-quiet operation is one of the reasons behind the diesel heater’s popularity.

6. Low fuel consumption


With nearly 45% output and efficiency, you’d not have to top up the fuel tank on your diesel heater that often. Just to give you an idea, a standard diesel heater could run for 8 hours straight with just 2-3 liters of fuel. Making them ideal for long-distance traveling and camping.

Which Diesel Heater Is Right for You?


With this market flooded with so many products and shady marketing, you could easily fall for the wrong product or waste your hard-earned money on something not worthy enough.

Do not worry! We are here to help you make the perfect choice in your budget and get the best available diesel heater for all your heating requirements. It is ideal that you go for a lightweight portable diesel heater that is easy to carry and can be set up without any complicated steps or special tools.

The portable diesel heater by Hcalory  is the right choice for you. This versatile machine comes with 12V DC output and runs on diesel and kerosene as well. It comes equipped with an air intake, silencer, and a control unit for all the adjustments. Weighing just 33 lbs, this portable diesel heater could run for 8 hours straight with just 3 liters of fuel and work perfectly even at 8300 feet of height.

No destination would be too difficult and no blizzard would stop you from living your best camping life with this diesel heater.